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Standalone// Take What You Will

Title: Take What You Will
Disclaimer: Don't own.
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Pairing/Character(s): Varia main
Rating: PG
Summary: A timeline of Xanxus' Varia, a tale of its creation and almost breaks and Xanxus.

The other boy had been called Superbia Squalo. Xanxus had remembered white hair, ridiculously fluffed out, a smile that was at once prideful yet somehow yielding too. "Have you ever considered joining the Varia?" Squalo had asked.

He'd pointed out, even if the words weren't true, "I'm the Ninth's son. You expect me to deal with you scum?" Grabbed the front of Squalo's shirt and threw the boy to the ground to drive the fact home.

Squalo's eyes had narrowed in anger, briefly, but then he'd smiled widely. "That. I want to follow that." Xanxus hadn't really understood then, and still didn't understand now. "Hey. You. Lead us." And Xanxus, who didn't follow orders, accepted anyway because it would be advantageous.

Fah! What Varia? Xanxus asked, the next time they met. Squalo's apartment was small, bare; fold-up chairs had to be pulled from the closet to give them both places to sit.

"Heeey, I'm getting to that! You'll see! I'll beat Tyr, and then you'll take his place. Just watch." There was no room to wave his sword about, but still Squalo tried, so as to swear on it. In the living room, on plastic chairs, Squalo pledged himself to Xanxus for the first time.

Xanxus scoffed at the display, told Squalo he wasn't planning on watching the match. And that was fine with Squalo, not that Xanxus would have accepted any other way.

They didn't meet again until the day after the match. Squalo stood in the doorway to Xanxus's balcony, the stump of his wrist cradled in his other hand. He was grinning at Xanxus anyway, teeth showing, "I told you I'd win," he said. "Boss."

"Hmph," but Xanxus looked pleased nonetheless at the title.

The stone was warm against Squalo's skin, not that the man took notice of such things. "So now what?" he asked. He was still high on the euphoria of winning, defeating, though it'd been more than a couple hours after the fact.

And Xanxus paused, considering Squalo, before telling him (almost) everything. How he'd take what was rightfully his, the extent of his powers--

"Heeeeey Xanxus!! I promise you."
"Until our goal is reached," and it was 'our' goal, Xanxus noticed, not 'your' goal, "I won't cut my hair."

Which was stupid. He said as much.

Shortly after he took reign of Varia (a side project, nothing more), he'd been shoved a manic little child. He wants to join, they said to him, and like so, Xanxus found himself responsible for an eight year old who'd killed his own brother.

"Ushishishi~ I'm a prince," Bel had said, sing-song, and then Xanxus backhanded him and taught him how to listen.

"Hey, brat." Squalo to Belphegor. Names were rarely used amongst the Varia, mostly because nicknames, epithets were much more descriptive (much more colorful). "I'll give you your headstart on Japanese."

"Giapponese?" Belphegor laughed and ducked when Squalo aimed a kick toward him.

"Heeey!! Speak English. You're gonna need to be fluent in it if you want to be a proper Varia member."

"Jaaaaaponese." The word was spoken as if Belphegor were tasting it, drawing out the flavor of it. "I don't needa strengthen anything, because I'm a prince. So whassa headstart then?" This time, he bothered to use English.

"Kasu." There was a kind of glee in the way Squalo said it. "Means scum."

Bel hmmmm'd a bit at it, mouthing the word silently. Kasuscumkasuscumkasuscum shishishi is funny.

'Boss', he learned next. Xanxus was Boss, and he was a prince, and then there was the loud one and the pervert and the boring dog that liked to follow Boss around.

News of the change in power trickled down until it finally reached the dregs of the Varia. Some people came to greet him; others disregarded the news. For most, it didn't matter who was in charge as long as the hits brought in the wages.

One man approached him now, gave him a onceover ("Hmm~"), and sauntered away. Squalo gripped a hand on Xanxus' shoulders even as Xanxus made to stalk after, demand respect - "That guy's tastes are fucking weird," Squalo spat out. He learned just how gross an understatement it was when Lissuria eventually brought back a freshly-killed body, corpse preserved in the box of ice he dragged cheerfully behind him.

Lissuria only paused long enough to give scant greetings before marching to his own room.

He could hear Squalo yelling later, "Heeey, do that elsewhere!!" A door slammed, more shouts. Scowling, Xanxus propped his feet on his desk and poured himself a drink.

"Boss." Kneel down, bow the head low.

Levi was a cove of sanity and proper respect within a sea of madness. Upon it, Xanxus made himself king.

Xanxus wanted to scream. He was screaming, "I'll kill you! You old fart! Bastard!", charging at his father (not his father), his flame wrapped around his hands. He'd lost his guns earlier.

Squalo was a pitiful presence behind him, bleeding into the stone pillars. Bel... he'd lost track of Bel, but it didn't matter. Levi, too, but no one else had bothered to come. He didn't need them, didn't need any of them, all he needed to do was drive his flame a little further--

The world stopped.
Tags: fandom: katekyo hitman reborn, pairing: none
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